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Estate Planning With A Small-Firm Focus

Creating detailed and legally sound plans for your estate involves some of the most important decisions you will ever make. These help ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes after death and keep your family from having to sift through complicated finances or letting a court make decisions instead of you.

Century Trusts & Estate Planning and attorney Ashby Sorensen provide client-focused assistance in these important choices, helping people in the San Diego area secure their future.

A Full-Service And Detailed Approach

We offer comprehensive and high-quality estate planning services:

  • Trusts are tools to manage your assets in life and after death. They direct how and when assets will be distributed. A trust lets a third party hold assets for beneficiaries and can help lower your estate tax burden.
  • Wills let you put your final wishes in writing and direct who will receive your property after death. Wills allow you to name guardians for your children and are vitally important to complete an estate planning strategy.

Making these decisions now can help ease the burden on your family after your death, give clear direction for dealing with your affairs and avoid the lengthy legal process that occurs when someone dies without a will or estate plan in place.

Assistance At Every Stage

Century Trusts & Estate Planning and attorney Ashby Sorensen can assist with establishing new or existing trusts, updating documents to address changes in your life, or adding or removing beneficiaries. Mr. Sorensen works with clients to determine the best type of trust for each situation, whether it is a revocable, living or testamentary.

Beginning the planning process now can carry numerous benefits in the future. Work with Century Trusts & Estate Planning to move forward with protecting everything you have worked so hard for. We are proud to provide skilled guidance for individuals in the San Diego area. For a completely free consultation, call 760-389-3904 today or use our online contact form.