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Protecting Your Family With A Will

Death isn’t an easy topic to discuss but having a will in place if you should die is the best thing you can do for your family. A detailed will can help your family avoid unnecessary legal issues and family disputes when it comes to allocating your personal and financial assets.

At Century Trusts & Estate Planning, our experienced attorneys take a professional and client-focused approach to all our cases. We understand what is at stake when developing a will and are committed to helping clients in San Diego and the surrounding areas.

Constructing A Valid Will

When you work with Century Trusts & Estate Planning, we take care of all aspects of your will, which may include:

  • Will requirements
  • Will limitations
  • Appointing a representative
  • Choosing a guardian

Avoid Probate Court

If you or a loved one doesn’t have a valid will in place, the estate and assets will go to probate court. The courts will not only take a percentage of the estate to cover costs, but they will also ultimately determine how everything is distributed among surviving family members. This process can be long and expensive.

Even with a will, the estate goes through probate. The difference is that with a will, it’s you that decides how to distribute funds, not the court.

Take Care Of Your Family: Get A Will

Having a valid will in place is important to protecting your family. The attorneys at Century Trusts & Estate Planning can properly set up a will and prepare the appropriate paperwork to make sure your will is legally binding. Take the first step in getting a will, call 760-389-3904 or send us an email to set up a free consultation.